1. The Gilded Age (singles)

  2. The Gilded Age (album)

  3. The Ballad of Johnnie Grinder and Orange Li

  4. Chocolate Cake and Music in the Trees (from The Gilded Age LP)

  5. Viva la Revolución

  6. 23 Cuppsa Coffee (Album)

  7. Wildernessed (album)

  8. Footprints on the Moon (single)

  9. A Black Balloon (album)

  10. The Secret Diaries (album)

  11. Silence and Timing (album)

  12. In The Winter (album)

  13. Dancing On A Pin (album)

  14. National Disgrace (single)

  15. Deeper (single)

  16. The Butler's Bullfinch (album)

  17. Sign Your Name

  18. Toothpick

  19. Desert Piano (single)

  20. Den of Confusion (single)

  21. Cadence (single)

  22. All For You (single)

  23. Christmas Time

  24. Look Out For Lions (single)

  25. Devotional (single)

  26. Superstar (single)

  27. Being Still, Alberta (single)

  28. Bedroom In Arles (single)

  29. Dent (ep)

  30. Presents of Mine (single)

  31. Always (single)

  32. I'm So Tired (single)

  33. Mr. Orangehead (single)

  34. God or Just A Slow Breeze (single)

  35. The Love in Fantasy of El Greco (extended play)

  36. Don't Know What! (single)

  37. After The Years (single)

  38. Narcissus Reflects (album)

  39. Drift (album)

  40. The Calming (album)

  41. The Parasites of the Western World (album)
    Terry Censky, Mark Weatherford, Patrick Burke

  42. The Last Visionary (single)

  43. A Little Bit of Treasure (single)

  44. Hat Full of Dolls Wearing Hats (single)

  45. Facing and Racing the Waves (single)

  46. Currents in a White Sea (extended play)
    Mark Weatherford, Terry Censky, Warren Saxon, Patrick Burke

  47. Here They Come (single)

  48. What Ever (single)

  49. Black Bird (single)

  50. Raintown (single)

  51. Still Here... (single)

  52. Picnic for Two Guitars (single)

  53. Lullaby (single)

  54. Exeroneration II (single)

  55. Dreamland (single)


Patrick Burke Portland, Oregon

"When I first listened to this CD, I felt like I was experiencing some kind of magic — the music and lyrics reach the listener with ease and echo in your head afterward, leaving you wondering about the inspiration."

Jennifer Priest Mitchell, The Times
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